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website designs for small business

website designs for small business
Specializing in Websites for Small Business and Athletes

Affordable - Flexible - Superior

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As a small business owner NetSuperior understands the importance of spending wisely.  Today a website is vital to compete and drive more business your way, while staying within budget.

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Since every business situation is different we work with you to provide just what you need, keeping within your budget while focusing on your specific customer base.

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Superior is not just part of our name it is what we deliver. Quality responsive sites that are mobile friendly, and will create a stunning first impression to all visitors.


A Superior Website Should Bring Your Business To Life Instantly On Any Device

Mobile responsive websites reach a wider audience. Responsive websites make online sharing simple so your web visitors are more likely to share on their social platforms. Mobile-friendliness is a ranking symbol on Google.

The more convenient it is for customers to reach you, the more likely they are to do it. Having a mobile-friendly website means that your email address and phone number are easy to find and clickable.

The most important reason you need a responsive website is that your customers will be viewing your website on their mobile devices more than 60% of the time.

Pre Designed Custom Templates or a Total Custom Design Whatever Fits Your Budget

Pick Your Base Design From Our Many Samples and We Will Customize or We Can Design From The Ground Up

Here are just some of the sample sites we can design from while customizing to all your business specifics.

website designs for small business
website designs for small business
Make-up Artist
website designs for small business
Co-Working Space
website designs for small business
Fitness Trainer
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superior designs net more traffic


Website , Performance Optimizing, & Security Monitoring

Spend More Time Running Your Business

We not only build and design your WebSite, we are constantly monitoring all of our clients sites to ensure optimum uptime, performance and security. We partner with some of the top hosting companies and include an SSL certificate with every site we build and deploy top end site security with backups all provided in our base cost to every customer.

Superior Plans and Pricing



  • One Landing Page With Five Sections Based off of one of our many design templates.
    • Home Page With Your Provided Logo
    • About Page
    • Contact Page (Includes One Basic Form)
    • 3 More Pages of Your Choice
    • Includes a 404 Error Page
    • Cookies Pop-up
  • Domain Name Included
  • SSL Certificate
  • Weekly Backup
  • Top Security
  • Optimization (done monthly)
  • Quarterly Basic updates & Changes Included at NC
  • Quarterly Reports
  • No Monthly Costs Till year Two

* Second Year Costs $32.99 per month or Flat Fee of $349 includes Renewal of Domain Name, SSL Cert and Hosting. Changes and Updates billed at $45 per hour.

Far Superior


Includes Everything in the Superior Plan plus the following:

  • Three Additional Pages 
  • Daily Backup
  • Optimization (done weekly)
  •  Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Basic updates & Changes Included at NC
  • Two Additional Forms
  • 1 Conditional Pop-up

* Second Year Costs $42.99 per month or Flat Fee of $449 includes Renewal of Domain Name, SSL Cert and Hosting. Changes and Updates billed at $45 per hour.

Superior & Beyond


Includes Everything in the Superior and Far Superior Plans plus the following:

  • Custom Designed from Ground Up
  • Up to 15 Pages
  • Dual Daily Backups
  • Optimization (done daily)
  • Basic SEO
  • Google Analytics
  • Bi-Weekly Basic updates & Changes Included at NC
  • Up To Five Forms with Conditional Logic and Custom Designed Emails to Recipient and Customer
  • 3 Conditional Pop-ups

* Second Year Costs $52.99 per month or Flat Fee of $579 includes Renewal of Domain Name, SSL Cert and Hosting. Changes and Updates billed at $45 per hour.

All prices above include basic shared hosting. For a more advanced cloud based hosting or non-shared hosting there will be additional hosting charges based on specific needs.

Clients may also provide their own hosting platforms that support the WordPress environment and negotiate and pay for them separately. .

Extras That Can be Added Anytime Based Upon Agreed Upon Prices.


Logo Design or Update

Event Calendars

Booking Calendars

Condtional Landing Pages

Connections to 3rd-Party Applications


What Our Clients Are Saying


I have been using Net Superior for our website needs for about 7 years now and have been very happy with the design, layout and suggestions made by Bruce.  He’s super easy to work with, he doesn’t just build you a website, he listens to what you want to accomplish and then designs based on your needs.  I gave him an idea of what I wanted to do with the redesigned site and he came up with a great layout that was better than I expected.  The feedback I have received from our team and clients on the new site was amazing.  I truly feel our business will grow based on our online presence.
Bruce redesigned our entire website after the initial one he built for us about 7 years ago and he really did an amazing job with the new site.  He was able to make it current with a lot of new features that make it so much easier for our clients to navigate.  If you’re a small company starting out or an established company like we are, Bruce is the guy you want to help you grow your online presence with his superior web design skills.

Ron Hayeck

Owner, Mickey World Travel

NetSuperior redesigned our site and it had an immediate impact on our business due to the responsive mobile design that allowed our clients to access our site and information from their mobile phones. The site is now more functional, responsive and provides any current or prospective client the information they need to understand all aspects of our business and ways to contact us.
The Home page design was so much more professional and eye catching for our visitors which resulted in longer visits and has increased our inquiries which has had a positive impact on our business.
If you are looking for a hands-on company to work with you to design your website that goes above and beyond, I would highly recommend NetSuperior.

Marty Dowd

Owner, North Jersey Landcare

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