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Why Does A High School Athlete Need a Website?

These days, self promotion is a power tool in the sports world. The best way to get noticed is to be pro­active with promotion.

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Is your son or daughter a highly competitive and sought after athlete seeking to be recruited by a college or university for a sports scholarship?

Many coaches leave a field where they were just scouting simply with some names, and possibly had a brief contact or discussion with the athlete, coach or parent and then move on to their next assignment. What they have observed on the field hopefully was impressive, however, usually more information will be needed to get a better overall picture of the respective athlete. 

There is no better way to get your story out and consolidate all of your awards, metrics, pictures, video and current schedule than with your own sports specific website.

This is where NetSuperior, a company that specializes in young athletes websites looking to self promote can assist.

We work with each athlete to better understand their overall goals and objectives and college desires and then design a sport specific website that is easy to navigate, creates an immediate positive impression and consolidates all the athletes information into one site to allow prospective coaches a one-stop place to further research and continue to follow the respective athlete.

Getting noticed is just the beginning, following-up and staying in touch are even more important. There are phases of the recruitment process where coaches cannot reach out to athletes, however, checking a website that is current and maintained is within the guidelines and is a major advantage to allow the athlete to still be seen why they can’t be heard.

Below are some of the most recent sites we just completed, which resulted in recruitments.

To get the ball rolling!! Complete the Form below and we will be in touch within 24 hours to discuss your specific needs. 

We have made these sites extremely affordable and the return on investment could make the difference of achieving a scholarship that will pay for the cost many times over.  

All domain names become the property of the respective client once the recruitment site is no longer needed.  We have turned several websites into job recruitment sites to assist college graduates with securing employment after graduation.

Superior Athletes Need Superior Sites

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Some Recent Athlete Sites Designed By NetSuperior

Student Athlete
Student Athlete
Student Athlete

Pricing For A Complete Website



  • One Landing Page With Five Sections Based off of one of our many design templates.
    • Home Page With Your Feature Picture
    • About Section
    • Contact Section(Includes One Basic Form)
    • 3 More Sections of Your Choice
    • Includes a 404 Error Page
    • Cookies Pop-up
  • Domain Name Included
  • SSL Certificate Included
  • Weekly Backup
  • Top Security
  • Optimization (done monthly)
  • Quarterly Basic updates & Changes Included at NC
  • Quarterly Reports
  • No Monthly Costs Till year Two


* Second Year Costs $25.00 per month or Flat Fee of $275 includes Renewal of Domain Name and SSL Cert . Changes and Updates billed at $55 per hour.

Far Superior


Includes Everything in the Superior Plan plus the following:

  • Three Additional Pages 
  • Daily Backup
  • Optimization (done weekly)
  • Monthly Basic updates & Changes Included at NC
  • Two Additional Forms
  • 1 Conditional Pop-up
  • Social Networking Links


* Second Year Costs $35.00 per month or Flat Fee of $375 includes Renewal of Domain Name and SSL Cert . Changes and Updates billed at $55 per hour.

Superior & Beyond


Includes Everything in the Superior and Far Superior Plans plus the following:

  • Google Analytics to Track Website Traffic
  • Three More Sections or Pages
  • Password Protected Page to Include
    • Transcripts
    •  SAT/ACT Scores
    • Awards
    • Other Personal Information
  • Optimization (done daily)
  • Basic SEO
  • Bi-Weekly Basic updates & Changes Included at NC


* Second Year Costs $50.00 per month or Flat Fee of $550 includes Renewal of Domain Name and SSL Cert. Changes Updates billed at $55 per hour.50and

All Sites Will include a Link to any teams SPECIFIC SPORTS schedule provided
All prices do not include hosting. Hosting costs will vary and various options will be discussed along with pricing. Clients may also provide their own hosting platforms that support the WordPress environment and negotiate and pay for them separately.
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